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Elastomers are among the most popular materials in aerospace and other industrial manufacturing, particularly for sealing and bonding applications. These materials offer a comprehensive range of benefits, from high elasticity and durability to superior chemical resistance and impermeability. One of the most significant advantages of elastomers is their ability to withstand extreme temperatures without melting or freezing, making them ideal for seals, clamps, vibration dampers and similar components.

Polycraft Products, Inc. offers a comprehensive range of elastomer production capabilities for various industrial applications, including aerospace components. We stock several elastomer materials and utilize multiple processes to handle your custom manufacturing requirements. We are agile and nimble enough to take on any project type and deliver results that exceed customer expectations.

Elastomers in Industrial Manufacturing

Many applications have switched from conventional materials like metals and plastics to elastomers because of their lighter weight, increased performance, improved durability and overall cost savings. Using elastomers in injection molding and bonding applications adds value by enabling faster production speeds, higher accuracy and optimal repeatability. Elastomers are highly customizable, meaning we can create a product of nearly any size or geometry.

Some of the most common elastomers we work with include:

  • Silicone: Silicone’s pliability, flexibility, and temperature resistance are the primary reasons it’s one of the most versatile manufacturing materials.
  • EPDM: Ethylene Propylene Diene Monomer (EPDM) is a resilient and flexible synthetic rubber ideal for electrical insulation and other applications requiring waterproof materials.
  • FKM: FKM is the American standard (ASTM) short name for fluoroelastomers or fluoro-rubber. Due to its chemical and high-temperature resistance, FKM is highly effective for manufacturing seals, gaskets and O-rings for the aerospace industry.
  • Viton®: Viton® is a specific brand of FKM, ideal for O-ring applications in aircraft fuel handling systems, engines and other components involving high temperatures, chemical exposure and low-compression operating conditions. It is also valuable for pharmacological and medical uses due to its ability to meet Food and Drug Association (FDA) sanitation requirements.
  • Urethane: Urethane is among the most versatile elastomer materials, delivering increased strength, durability and wear resistance.
  • Fiber-reinforced materials: Besides providing an excellent strength-to-weight ratio, fiber-reinforced polymers offer excellent corrosion resistance, durability, stiffness and flexural strength.

Benefits of Choosing Polycraft Products for Your Manufacturing Needs

The Polycraft Products team understands the high demands of today’s manufacturing landscape, particularly for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) with the highest accuracy, reliability and delivery requirements. We boast AS9100 and ISO9001 certifications and follow strict quality assurance processes to meet stringent product specifications. Our decades of experience as a supplier for some of the world’s top brands have earned us a reputation as an industry leader.

Our engineering team has the knowledge and expertise to take your product concept from creation to delivery in the time frame you need. We pride ourselves on honest, transparent communication and providing the individualized attention you deserve, regardless of your operation’s size or industry. Our innovative facility in Greendale, Indiana, allows us to serve clients locally and globally.

Discover More About Elastomers With Polycraft Products

If you want to learn more about how elastomer-based products can benefit your operation, the experts at Polycraft Products can assist you. We’ve leveraged premium-grade materials, superior technical expertise and innovative processes to manufacture high-performance products for various industries since 1982. Call 812-577-3400 or contact us online today to discuss your project requirements.

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