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About Us

Polycraft Products, Inc. is a component manufacturing company that provides critical parts to our world’s most vital industries. We’re innovators. Problem solvers. The people you trust for long-term manufacturing partnerships. With our expertise and dedication to client collaboration, we can provide the components that matter to your mission.

How We Can Help You

At Polycraft Products, we work with original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) to create custom components for your manufactured products. We have experience with various components, assemblies, equipment and tools across numerous industries.

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Our products make today’s critical operations possible. We provide the support and ingenuity OEMs need to advance their designs and bring powerful deliverables to the people who count on them most.

Parts Customized to Your Project

OEMs need manufacturing partners who recognize their unique project specifications. Polycraft Products collaborates with you to develop a product from concept to a final manufacturable configuration. Our team enjoys solving problems, and we look forward to addressing your most significant industry challenges.

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Our in-house capabilities allow us to develop and manufacture a range of products. At our facility, we can handle:

  • Machining: With multiple CNC mills, lathes, machining centers and more, we’re able to meet your project tolerances with complete precision.
  • Injection molding: Our team can form molten plastic to virtually any shape with our turnkey injection molds. 
  • Elastomeric molding and bonding: We use various elastomeric materials like silicone and SBR to create clamps, seals, vibration dampers and other critical components for your project. 
  • RTV bondingThrough our RTV bonding technique, our team ensures repeatability and tight tolerances for bonding plastics, metals and more.
  • Composite bonding: Our composite bonding experts use film adhesives to bond metal, honeycomb and PTFE in our CCA (Controlled Contaminant Area) that meets the particulate count for an ISO 14644 class 8 clean room.
  • Urethane molding: We can create a wide range of part characteristics with the help of various raw materials and bond techniques with urethane components. 
  • Vacuum forming: Our stock of ABS and other thermoplastics in many grades and sizes allows us to leverage the full benefits of our Bel-O-Vac BV E Class 54″ x 103″ vacuum former.
  • Quality control: After creating your components, we use our Quality Control Lab to ensure every part meets your project’s requirements.
Elastomeric Molding and Bonding
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Quality Customer Service

Responsive and helpful customer service is one of our core values at Polycraft Products. We know OEMs have various challenges to address, and we want to partner with you to develop a solution. Our team creates an open, honest and engaging environment for clients to discuss their needs. 

While we offer a single-minded approach for supporting clients’ needs, we also have industry-leading delivery times and quality standards, including ISO9001 and AS9100. OEMs operate on tight deadlines and have to abide by various regulations. We see these requirements across industries and manufacture components within these strict constraints. 

The team at Polycraft Products is committed to process improvements — a fact that sets us apart. While our expertise in design and development drives our mission, you can trust us to evolve in the face of new challenges and meet your project demands.

Two people discussing business over a tablet.

Industries We Serve

At Polycraft Products, we serve industries with big demands. Our in-house capabilities and experienced team allow us to solve complex problems and work continually with clients to create effective products. The industries we often work with include:

  • Aerospace and aviation
  • Defense
  • Medical
  • General industrial

We’re a licensed repair station under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), so you can count on us to deliver compliant components for FAA regulations.

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About Us

Our Story

Our story began in 1982 when Tom Landers, carrying 17 years of industry experience, began molding and forming fiber reinforced polymer components in a garage. In just a few months Tom rented building space to support production. It wasn’t long before word spread to those who were familiar with the exceptional quality, service and innovation that Tom and his team provided. Polycraft Products soon began supporting the aerospace industry with crucial aircraft engine parts which is the primary industry we serve today.

Within 2 years the company grew to include a skilled machine shop capable of designing and manufacturing molds and tooling, as well as a versatile production area. In the early 90’s our innovative team of 20 plus employees began bonding composites for aircraft engine components, and by the early 2000’s Polycraft was delivering thousands of parts worldwide for numerous markets.

About Us

In October of 2014, Polycraft moved its headquarters and most production departments into a brand new facility in Greendale, Indiana, a change that enhanced our capabilities, efficiency, quality and safety. Our dedication to support customer needs along with an innovative approach to manufacturing has allowed Polycraft to become proficient in a wide variety of processes. Still owned by the Landers family today, we are proud of our dedicated employees that drive our team’s success. We appreciate our loyal customers, some of whom have been partnering with Polycraft for more than 30 years.

Located just 15 minutes northwest of the CVG Airport in northern Kentucky, and 25 minutes west of downtown Cincinnati, our new home is easy to find. Please stop in or reach out to see if we are a good fit for your next project.

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Polycraft Products works closely with clients to understand their engineering needs and develop effective components. Get in touch with us today to learn more about our capabilities and begin your partnership with our team.

About Us
About Us
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