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Ground Support Equipment

Ground support items are critical in the aerospace industry because they help provide smooth turnarounds, minimize costly repairs and keep schedules on time. Ground support equipment (GSE) covers various aircraft applications, from refueling and engine maintenance to waste tank drainage and general inspections.

At Polycraft Products, Inc., we leverage the most innovative manufacturing equipment, premium materials and superior technical knowledge to manufacture high-performance ground support materials and equipment. We utilize advanced processes to meet your manufacturing needs, including injection molding, bonding, vacuum forming and 3D printing.

Ground Support Manufacturing Capabilities

Manufacturers of GSE must meet rigorous design and production standards to ensure the tooling they produce is durable, highly functional and reliable to ensure safe operation. Polycraft Products works with some of the industry’s top suppliers to source high-quality materials, from thermoplastics and elastomers to pre-impregnated fabric and premium-grade metals.

Several examples of the types of ground support equipment we manufacture include:

  • Covers
  • Protectors
  • Boroscope guide tubes
  • Installation fixtures
  • Airflow components
  • Torque assemblies

Benefits of Choosing Polycraft Products for Your GSE Manufacturing Needs

Companies like yours rely on dependable manufacturers to produce ground support equipment and other products to meet their unique specifications. Our team can work closely with yours to take a project from concept to delivery as quickly as possible. Our engineers are passionate about solving problems and will strive to develop a solution for all your product needs.

Other advantages you’ll enjoy when partnering with us include:

  • Customization capabilities: Polycraft Products works with an extensive material range to produce ground support equipment and other items according to your specifications. We maintain specialized machines and manufacturing processes to maximize quality, accuracy, efficiency and cost savings. Our operation is flexible enough to handle nearly any type of project and produce results that exceed client expectations.
  • Quick turnaround times: Our design and production teams work closely together to streamline each manufacturing project faster than many industry competitors. We can create custom molds from prototypes and reverse-engineering products and prioritize delivering your order quickly without sacrificing quality.
  • Exceptional customer support: World-class customer service is one of the foundations of our operation. We believe in honest and transparent communication, keeping clients informed across each manufacturing phase. To better understand your needs, our experts will provide comprehensive consultation to learn about your exact project requirements so we can deliver a superior product.
  • Superior quality: Our advanced manufacturing capabilities enable us to choose the optimal process to produce your ground support equipment according to the highest quality standards. Our ISO9001 and AS9100 certifications allow us to follow strict process controls to meet the tightest product tolerances, specifically for the aerospace industry. As a licensed repair station under the Federal Aviation Administration (FAA), we can help keep your operation and equipment compliant.

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Polycraft Products has been a design and manufacturing leader in ground support materials and equipment for decades. We boast highly experienced design and manufacturing teams, allowing us to create nearly any product type while addressing some of the industry’s most complex challenges. Contact us online or call 812-577-3400 today to learn more about how our products and services can benefit your business. 

Ground Support Equipment
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